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asbestos removal boynton beach

Asbestos exists in many structures across South Florida, particularly older structures such as some houses, schools, office buildings and libraries. This substance can cause severe health problems if ingested or inhaled. We can quickly and safely eliminate this dangerous substance.


lead abatement jacksonville

Here at Best-Tec, we have extensive experience in eliminating the potential dangers of lead-based paint and other lead substances that could imperil the health of yourself and your loved ones. Call today for a free quote on lead abatement south florida services.


mold remediation Miami

Mold and mold spores pose serious dangers to the health of people and pets. Best-Tec excels in mold removal south florida services, cleaning up mold contamination in homes, public buildings, private businesses and other structures in South Florida and across the Southeast. 

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 Asbestos, Mold and Lead Removal Company

Here at Best-Tec, we provide the highest quality in Asbestos Abatement, Lead Paint Removal and Mold & Spore Remediation. We also offer a wide variety of other services to help fit your every need. 

About Us

Best-Tec Asbestos Abatement, Inc. has established itself as one of the best hazardous material removal businesses in South Florida over the past few decades. Founded by Greg Kleinrichert in the late 1980s to provide much-needed remediation services. And protect homeowners, residents and workers from harmful building materials such as lead removal Boynton Beach and asbestos remediation Orlando.  This family-owned business has grown its market share in the South Florida market and expanded its operations across the Southeast. The company has become a first choice for many customers in need of asbestos abatement West Palm Beach services, as well as lead removal and mold removal services in Boynton Beach, South Florida.

With nearly 30 years of experience in the industry, Best-Tec Asbestos Abatement provides invaluable services for residential customers, business customers, government clients and military clients. Protecting residents, workers, public employees and service members from potentially harmful and deadly building materials and health risks. The company, based in Boynton Beach, Fl, provides timely services. These are to mitigate the dangers posed by mold, lead, asbestos and other hazardous materials in private homes, office buildings, apartment complexes, restaurants, military bases and other locations.

We have the experience and know-how to handle any type of job. As well as the resources and personnel to quickly respond and get the job done, so you can breathe safely.

Our Services Include

Asbestos Removal South Florida

Lead Removal South Florida

Mold Removal South Florida

Air Quality Testing South Florida

Haz-Mat Clean -up South Florida

Full-Scale Demolition  South Florida

Best-Tec has been in business for over 27 Years doing the Removal and Disposal of Asbestos. Including Lead Removal, Mold and Spore Remediation,Hazardous Material Handling and Removal, Site Demolition and Clearance. As well as the latest in Air Testing Methods and Equipment. Let our experience be your guide.

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Lead Removal Tampa

We safely eliminate any lead in your home. Lead is a very toxic metal that may give rise to a selection of health issues, especially in young children. Lead may also bring about behavioral difficulties, learning disabilities, seizures and in extreme situations, death. The lead in your home is removed by a Certified Lead Abatement Contractor. The practices used to remove the lead is the safest in the industry and used for schools, government building, residential homes, commercial buildings, and even daycare centers. Our team is trained according to the guidelines set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Experts in Lead Removal Jacksonville

By utilizing safe materials when building or upgrading any component of your residence or garden you are going to be ensuring your family has the best possible life. If you’re seeking to improve your home’s appearance, one of the greatest strategies to do it’s by having it repainted.

Lead dust can stay long after it was used in your house. Lead-containing dust tends to accumulate in carpets. Various work practices standards have now been included in housing regulations, to ensure the lead-based paint activities are completed in a safe, dependable and efficient way.
Our team of experts makes sure to examine different alternatives to make sure the best lead removal practices are used. Give us a call today to have all lead removed from your home

What is Asbestos Fort Lauderdale

It’s important to check material in your home regularly in the event you suspect it could contain asbestos. Asbestos is a hazardous substance and can lead to serious health difficulties. In previous decades, it was a common component of many household materials (pipes are just one of many examples). It can have a serious impact on your health. If you believe asbestos may be in your house, don’t panic, usually, the ideal thing is to leave asbestos material that’s in good shape alone. But to be safe, it’s best to call Best-Tec Asbestos Abatement, Inc. to assess whether removal will be the best option. Our team of experts will begin the process with asbestos testing the material to make sure it contains asbestos. The asbestos removal cost will be provided to you before any work begins.

Once you are happy with the quote, the team will come in and begin the asbestos abatement West Palm Beach. In many instances, it makes the entire process much easier in the event you vacate your house for a few days while the project is in progress.

Why You Should Call Best-Tec Asbestos Abatement Miami

Best-Tec is the leader in Asbestos Removal Miami. We have been operating successfully in Miami for many years. We follow a strict process which is documented throughout.


Mold Removal Boynton Beach

Local Boynton Beach contractors understand that mold, which includes black mold, is a common occurrence seen every day in Boynton Beach. Our climate allows it to grow so easily, even when the winter season comes around. Because of this sub-tropical climate, Boynton Beach businesses and homes experience mold and spores outbreaks all the time.

Call Best-Tec today for all your Mold Remediation in Boynton Beach. We provide a complete service for mold removal Boynton Beach and black mold removal Boynton Beach in your house for good. After you have identified the mold, the very first step is going to be to clean and remove the developing mold from the contaminated surface. Too many homeowners decide to remove the mold from their house by putting vinegar on the mold. This is not a permanent solution though. It’s important to not allow mold to grow and multiply indoors. A mold with mycotoxins is regarded as one the most deadly to health when it’s been ingested in an outstanding quantity above a time period.

Mold and Black Mold Removal Boynton Beach
Black mold removal is something which you may desire to do on your own but you also need to make sure your safety comes first always. It can grow on just about any organic substance, so long as moisture and oxygen can be found. Our certified contractors are on hand to provide a professional mold remediation service to help protect you and your family – and the value of your home. Our mold removal cost is some of the best in the industry.

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