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Mold Remediation Boynton Beach 

The first step to mold removal Boynton Beach FL is a comprehensive inspection of the home or building to assess the extent of the problem.  Our technology is applied with equipment which treats the air, surfaces, wall cavities, HVAC systems.  If building materials are compromised Best-Tec will remove these areas.

Best-Tec‘s  personnel are trained and equipped with proper personal protective equipment for your mold removal Boynton Beach FL.  Once contaminated areas are discovered through testing and/or visual inspection a remediation plan will be developed.  Areas that need containment from non-contaminated areas will be sealed using 6mil poly sheeting.  Prior to treatment, Air scrubbers and/or negative air machines are used to clean the air and to prevent cross contamination. Air scrubbers and/or negative air machines will be used during remediation to clean the air, contaminated surfaces and HVAC system.  After the remediation process is complete, the entire contaminated area will be HEPA vacuumed.

Immediate Mold Removal & Remediation Boynton Beach FL by Best-Tec will begin the mold remediation recovery process.

What are molds?

Molds are microscopic organisms that live on plant or animal matter. They aid in the break down of dead material and recycle nutrients in the environment. Present virtually everywhere, they can be found growing on organic material such as soil, foods, and plant matter. In order to reproduce, molds produce spores, which spread through air, water, or by insects. These spores act like seeds and can form new mold growth if the conditions are right.

Why do molds grow?

Mold will grow and multiply under the right conditions, needing only sufficient moisture (e.g., in the form of very high humidity, condensation, or water from a leaking pipe, etc.), and organic material (e.g., ceiling tile, drywall, paper, or natural fiber carpet padding).

Can mold become a problem in my home?

Mold growth may occur in your home if there is sufficient moisture because mold spores are everywhere. Be on the lookout for these common sources of moisture:

  • Flooding

  • Roof leaks

  • Plumbing leaks, drainage problems

  • Damp basements and crawl spaces

  • Steam from the bathroom or kitchen

  • Condensation resulting from poor or improper insulation or ventilation

  • Humidifiers

  • Wet clothes drying inside the home or a clothes dryer venting indoors

  • Poor or improper ventilation of combustion appliances

Indications of a moisture problem may include discoloration of the ceiling or walls, warping of the floor, or condensation on the walls or windows. The key to preventing mold growth is to control all moisture problems. At Best-Tec we are the experts you need for all your mold removal Boynton Beach FL.

Should I be concerned about mold in my home?

Mold can be a concern in the home and should not be allowed to grow. Extensive mold contamination may cause health problems as well as damage to the home.

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Can mold make my family sick?

Exposure to mold can cause health effects in some people. The most common effects are allergic responses from breathing mold spores. These allergic responses include hay fever or asthma and irritation of the eyes, nose, throat or lungs. We usually cannot say how much mold is too much as our reactions to allergens can vary greatly depending on individual sensitivity. Allergic responses can come from exposure to dead as well as to living mold spores. Therefore, killing mold with bleach and or other disinfectants may not prevent allergic responses. Contact Best-Tec today for your mold removal cost Boynton Beach.

Less common effects of mold exposure include infections and toxic effects. Serious infections from living molds are relatively rare and occur mainly in people with severely suppressed immune systems. Many types of molds may produce toxins but only under certain growth conditions. Toxic effects have been reported from eating moldy grain, but evidence is weak that breathing mold spores in buildings causes toxic effects.


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