Asbestos in Old Buildings May Slow Redevelopment of Properties

Across the country, retail outlets like shopping malls and strip malls have struggled to stay afloat, and in many cases, public officials and entrepreneurs have decided to re-purpose this real estate for housing, schools, public parks and other purposes. The decline of retail in the age of online shopping (i.e., Amazon) has hurt brick-and-mortar stores especially hard, leading to empty stores in shopping centers across the U.S. As retail companies and stores across Florida and across the country close up, some cities and towns will look to redevelop these properties, but buildings constructed decades ago may contain asbestos, a toxic building material that could endanger people’s health. In locations like Tampa Bay, Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Port St. Lucie, Miami and Jacksonville across Florida, people should take precautions to remediate the risks posed by asbestos before proceeding with renovations and demolitions of aging structures. Leading companies that perform asbestos removal jacksonville work help their customers responsibly redevelop properties statewide.

When general contractors and others rush through projects involving demolitions and renovations of older building sites, it can lead to dire consequences. Workers may get exposed to contaminants like asbestos, and the substance may get inadvertently spread to adjacent properties. To properly redevelop such sites, GCs should hire professional, licensed companies that perform asbestos abatement and asbestos testing services. Top asbestos abatement florida businesses across the state excel in identifying asbestos within buildings and building sites and following the proper procedures to safely eliminate the substance, which can cause forms of cancer and respiratory diseases.

Building departments across Florida generally require homeowners and contractors to plan for asbestos remediation when performing work like removing walls or removing flooring in older structures. The best asbestos testing companies in Florida help customers statewide find and ID this harmful material before it can adversely affect people’s health.

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